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The art of coping with failure, A 5— minute guide

Fall down seven times and stand up eight.

My lessons are hard and painful. If you have tasted some failure but decided to fully commit to excellence, then read to the end.

Getting Kicked off the Heineken Team

I joined the iblend and EddieMPR team to work with Eddie Madaki on activations for Nigerian breweries as well as create, manage and execute public relation campaigns for high-end clients. It was one of the best moments of my life working with a luxury brand like Heineken. My excitement was short-lived as I made mistakes in my coordination that got me demoted from supervisor to the guy that delivered drink kegs to outlets and took pictures.

I didn’t mind. I kept attending all my colleague's activations. My goal is to be consistent till I perfect the dynamics and mechanics of activations maybe Heineken will take me back who knows?

Best Staff to entry-level artist

A few years ago, I quit my job on level 10 at the voice of Nigeria with a salary of 110k now I am back there with a stipend of 25k monthly. One of the official drivers with no empathy said to me

“Fela why you comot Von before, see all your mates don go far pass you”.

It hurt me to hear such, but I am sure that’s the same thing on the mind of every other person in the office but he was the only one, not empathetic enough to say it nicely that I was a loser. For someone that was awarded the best staff a couple of times but here I am, right back at square one.

I didn’t feel bad for too long instead I felt inspired. No one knows my motivation for going back to the Voice of Nigeria, but time will tell.

It was rewarding for me to be given the role of an artist, meaning I don't get to come to the office every day and I can work remotely.

I am a man on a mission, snide comments will only bounce off me.

Crazy Bull & Crazy Daisies

This was another account I was asked to manage and I messed up again.

I didn’t manage expectations correctly and my assistant that had skill in building Instagram pages did not use strategy that was pleasing to the client. We built the accounts, we did a great job but due to delays and miscommunication.

I got kicked off that project.

What's wrong with you fela, why are you so distracted?

Eddie asks me.

Should I tell him what I was really going through?

A fintech group in Nigeria just asked me to head their new digital banking business unit. We have long hours of zoom meetings and my mind was always saturated. My attention was being pulled in many directions and it showed in the quality of my work.

From working with Eddie Madaki to now pushing product growth at Innovectives group to connecting with my seventy (75) man agent network at

It is the real school of hard knocks.

Putting to work everything that I have learned as a person.

As a son

As a brother

As a colleague

As a human being

I was so close to quitting. It was too much for me, the workload, the failure, the blame games, I was pushed to the limit.

Fela you just can’t stop now.

Asides from the fact that I liked Eddie, a lot and what he had achieved single-handedly, I was ready to push through all the embarrassment and shame so I can master my own self and be a better person with great coordination skills.

I have worked with a couple of influential people that I could swear I would never leave but when things got hard I did not care about throwing it all away.

This time around I will see this to the end.

In the contract with my new company, It was spelt out clearly that I cant work with anyone. They needed my full attention as we are about to take on a huge feat.

Nigeria has an unbanked and underserved population that is a billion-dollar plus market. Our task is to include them financially and provide efficient financial services that will improve their economic situation and life them out of poverty.

I had to weigh in my relationship with the executive team and convince him that EddieMPR as an agency will only improve my thinking as a marketing official and development as a person.

It's a privilege having someone like Eddie in your corner, to show me the way and light up my path. It's no shame admitting and fixing the flaws in my life by realizing my ego is the enemy.

I want to be a great coordinator and strategist. Rome was not built in a day.

The walls I am putting up were not built on a strong foundation so they kept crumbling. I didn’t have a map and blueprint to guide my path, I did things from my gut.

They say it takes 10 years to be a master,

But I don’t have the time so I am soaking up knowledge from my failure since there’s a lot of them.

We are a sum of our experiences. I would not be all I am today if I had a different life journey. And I totally love the man I am still becoming. So yea… no regrets. #BlackHulk

— Eddie Madaki

Rock bottoms are not so bad after all. I have lived there.

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